Heather Nikole Harper is a member of Nashville Recording Artists and National Touring Band, The Highway Women

Apart from Heather’s solo career, in April of 2019, Heather signed with The Highway Women. Which is an all female fronted group based out of Nashville, TN and Texas. They will be touring the United States starting in early 2020. The Highway Women is a Victory Music Buzz LLC and Heart Songs Records venture. The all female fronted band is comprised of talented women from across the United States. Their current National touring band includes Heather Harper, Drew Haley, Bailey James and Kristen Kae. For more about The Highway Women, their music and tour schedule, please visit https://highwaywomen.com

Our NEW single “Shake the Dust” is available for download https://soulspazm.ffm.to/shakethedust Release 6.19.20